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person: so what have you been up to
me: (speaking very humble) well, I just got some new carpet.. it’s plush…
person: (trying not to sound envious) pl… plush? wow. I hear thats the nicest of all carpets
me: oh it’s nothing..

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August 22 2014



im serious. its 2014. dont bring back façade


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August 22 2014


wes anderson movies taught me that fucked up horrifying tragic living circumstances are no excuse not to carefully maintain a cute pastoral aesthetic at all times

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August 22 2014

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August 22 2014

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August 22 2014


Still my favorite scene

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August 22 2014

every tv that i encounter during this next week and a half will immediately be tuned to fxx no matter what

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August 21 2014
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Lora Mathis & Kasey Reinbold
August 2014

It’s over.

All that remains in place of a relationship gone sour is a collection of hurt feelings and angry text messages.

Things you couldn’t have said in person. Things you probably shouldn’t have said from behind a keyboard. 

T(ex)ting is a series that explores how the termination of a relationship interrupts routine, and how technology’s capacity to convert the emotional to the tangible (in the form of archived text messages) can prolong the healing process that follows a break-up.

Graphics by Kasey Reinbold
Photos by Lora Mathis
Concept / Art Direction by Lora & Kasey

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August 21 2014

Teacher: How much is a gram?
Me: Shit, Depends on what you want..

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August 21 2014

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August 21 2014